03: Registering Your Employees

2 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

Within 30 days of registering your company, you’ll need to submit your roster of employees into your company’s CalSavers account. Required employee details include SSN / ITIN, name, birthdate, and contact details. 

Note that W-2 employees are eligible to participate in CalSavers from their first day of employment, regardless of hours worked per week or how long they've been working. Employee contributions in CalSavers start from the first payroll following the 30-day notification period. 

If you have a small number of employees, they can be entered manually one at a time. For a longer list of employees, you can create and upload a file with a list of employee details. For more information, see employer instructions from CalSavers.

Once your employee details are submitted, CalSavers will contact each employee directly. Employees are automatically enrolled in CalSavers UNLESS THEY NOTIFY CALSAVERS THAT THEY ARE OPTING OUT. Opting out must be done through CalSavers, not through the employer.

New Employees

For each new employee you hire, you must add that employee to your CalSavers employer account within 30 days of their hire date. As with existing employees, CalSavers will set up an account for the new employee, and contact the employees with account details, and information on opting in or out.

If your new employee already has a CalSavers account, they should notify CalSavers of their new work situation. CalSavers accounts are linked to employees, not employers. 

Employees Who Leave

Similarly, when an employee leaves your company, there is nothing you need to do in terms of CalSavers. The employee should let CalSavers know of the change, and continue using CalSavers with their new employer, or withdraw or transfer CalSaver funds.  

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