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05: Changing an Employee's Base Rate or Salary

Note: Editing pay rates or salaries can be done only by a manager. Managers can also set or change custom rates for specific tasks. 

To change the base hourly rate or salary for an employee, click Employees along the left. Browse the employee list to find the employee you want, or use the search field to find them.


Click any employee field to edit employee details, and open the Tasks and Rates tab. Click the current base rate or salary. 


Note: In addition to the base rate, this tab also lists all tasks that have custom rates. 

In the Base Rate window, all previous rate changes, if any, are listed under Rate History


Enter the new hourly rate or annual salary. Then choose whether the change will take effect in the current or upcoming pay period. Note that the change can only be made if payroll has not yet been processed yet.


Click Save, and the new base rate or salary is listed.

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