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We know that managing insurance can be quite a task, especially when it comes to keeping track of all those contact numbers and email addresses. But worry not because we're here to make it simple for you! In this guide, we'll break down which contact information you need for different situations and how to identify the right contacts based on the prefix of your workers' comp policy.

Identifying Your Insurance Provider by Policy Prefix

  1. Pie Insurance: If your policy prefix is "WC", then you're with Pie Insurance.
  2. Berkley: Policies with the prefix "BNUWC" belong to Berkley.
  3. Employers: If your policy starts with "EIG", you're insured by Employers.
  4. Great American (GAIG): Policies with the "WCE" prefix are under Great American.
  5. Amtrust: If your policy prefix is "TWC", "WWC", "QWC", or "SWC", you're with Amtrust.

Now that you know which provider you're with, let's take a look at the contact information for each one!

Pie Insurance

  1. Audit: If you need assistance with your insurance audit, call (855) 705-2716 or shoot an email to
  2. Claims: If you need to report a claim or have any questions about an ongoing one, reach out to (844) 581-0828 or email


  1. Audit: For any audit-related inquiries, dial (877) 497-2637 or email
  2. Claims: To report or discuss a claim, contact Berkley at (877) 497-2637 or


  1. Audit: For all your audit concerns, GAIG can assist you at (800) 221-7274 or
  2. Claims: To report or inquire about a claim, get in touch with GAIG at (866) 750-4216 or


  1. Audit: For audit-related matters, call Employers at (888) 682-6671 or email
  2. Claims: Reach out to Employers at (855) 365-6010 or for any claim-related questions or reporting.


  1. Audit: For assistance with your audit, contact Amtrust at (877) 528-7878 or
  2. Claims: To discuss or report a claim, get in touch with Amtrust at (888) 239-3909 or


  1. Customer Support: If you're unsure about your specific concern or need general support, call Hourly's customer support at (650) 422-3300. The Customer Success Manager will triage your issue and direct you to the right resource.
  2. Billing: For billing inquiries, call (650) 231-5055 or email
  3. Policy Inquiries: If you have questions about your insurance policy, email
  4. Endorsements: Need help with endorsements? Email
  5. Loss Runs: For loss run requests, contact Hourly at
  6. Payroll: For payroll support, send an email to

And there you have it! Now you know exactly who to contact for your specific insurance needs. Keep this guide handy for future reference. 

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