17: Generating W-2 Forms and Other Returns

1 min. readlast update: 10.05.2022

To generate employee W-2 forms, as well as other return forms, click Taxes along the left and choose the year.



To generate forms, such as W-2s, hover over the form you want, then click the Eye icon. This opens a new browser tab that displays the PDF containing the forms, which you can download or print.



The same method can be applied to forms for all annual and quarterly returns.

To download all of the year’s returns forms at once, click the Download button at the top right. This generates and downloads a ZIP file that contains PDFs for each type of annual and quarterly form.



Note: If you want W2s printed and mailed to you, then email support@hourly.io with the request. However, we always recommend that you print the W2 PDFs directly from the site, and distribute them to your employees. Taxes are filed online, so the specific W2 paper stock is no longer necessary.

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