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What Is IRS Form 8655

File form 8655 with the IRS to authorize a reporting agent for payroll tax filing purposes

In order for your payroll company to handle your tax filings with the IRS, you'll need to complete form 8655 to authorize them as a reporting agent for your business.

Form 8655 establishes the relationship between your business and the reporting agent with the IRS, giving the reporting agent authority to submit taxes and make deposits on behalf of your business.

Form 8655 specifically authorizes a reporting agent to:

  • Sign and file certain returns
  • Make deposits and payments for certain returns
  • Receive duplicate copies of tax information, notices, and other communication 
  • Provide IRS with information to aid in penalty relief determinations

While the reporting agent may take over the tax filings, it's important to note that the responsibility still lies with your business to ensure all filings are done in a timely manner. You can track your account by signing up for Electronic Federal Taxes Payment Systems (EFTPS) to verify all deposits made to your account.

As part of our services, Hourly can file and deposit your taxes. When you sign up for our payroll services, we will request that you complete form 8655 to become an authorized reporting agent for your company.