How To Manually Clock Employees In

How To Manually Clock Employees In

This article reviews how to manually clock your employees in

 Written by Andrea Montenegro

Managers and Supervisor roles can assist employees with manually clocking in.

From the Overview Screen

  • From the Overview screen select your number of Employees off the clock
  • A drawer on the right side of the screen will display a list of your employees off the clock
  • Select the three dots to the right of the employees name
  • Select Clock In
  • Assign the Location, Task and Start Time associated with the shift
  • Clock In the employee

From the Shifts Section

  • Select Shifts from the menu
  • Select the orange Add Shift button
  • Select Add Shift from the drop down menu
  • A drawer will open on the right side
  • Select an employee
  • Hover over the time indicated under Start and the pencil icon will appear
  • Select the pencil icon to edit the shift date and time
  • Select the Location and Task associated with the shift
  • Select Save

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