How To Create A Location For A Job Site Without An Address

How To Create A Location For A Job Site Without An Address

Set up a location for employees to clock in from without an official address
 Written by Andrea Montenegro

If you have a job site which employees need to clock in from that doesn't have a physical address, you can set up the location in Hourly by visiting the job site and requesting the Hourly app to capture your current location on the map.

You'll need a Manager or Supervisor role to complete the following steps while at the job site.

  • Select Add Location from the menu
  • Select the plus sign ( + )
  • Select Add Location
  • You can add the location name and address next, or you can select Use Current Location
  • GPS will find you on the map
  • Enter a location name if you want your employees to recognize the location by name
  • Select Save

You have created a new location for your employees to clock in from moving forward.

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