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How To Setup Direct Deposit Using Multiple Bank Accounts

This article explains how to setup direct deposit for more than one bank account

Employees can set up multiple bank accounts for direct deposit. Direct deposits can be set up by flat dollar or percentage.

  • Go to the employee profile page by selecting Employees from the menu 
  • Select the name of the employee
  • Select the Direct Deposit tab
  • If not yet active, toggle from Inactive to Active
  • If the employee already has a bank account setup, select Add Account
  • A drawer on the right side of the screen will open. You can begin entering the bank details
  • Select Save
  • Under Bank Accounts you will see the different accounts available to assign direct deposit amounts to
  • Hover over the Split Type under Payment Options until the pencil icon appears
  • A drawer will open on the right side of the screen 
  • Under Type select Limits to assign by flat dollar or select Percentage to assign by a percentage of the paycheck
  • Assign each account the direct deposit amount you would like to set up
  • Select Save