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How To Invite Employees To Hourly

This article explains how to add a new employee to the system

When adding new employees to Hourly, follow these steps.

  • Select Employees from the Overview screen
  • Select the orange Add Employee button
  • Add employee First and Last Name
  • Phone Number is optional. If you need to set up your employee on Time Tracking then phone number is required.
  • Email address is optional. If entered, Hourly will email a copy of the employee's paycheck to them each pay period. 
  • Pay Rate and Pay Type are required fields.  
  • Employment Type will default to W-2 Employee. The other option is 1099 Contractor.
  • Select Save if a phone number was not entered, this is the only option.  
  • If a phone number was entered, select Save & Invite to invite your employee to set up time tracking features.

You have successfully added your employee and can locate them under the Employees section. You will need to complete their profile by adding their Home Address and Tax Information before they are ready for payroll.