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How To Download Payroll Reports

This article reviews how to download payroll data

When it comes to downloading reports there are three different options. Learn about the different reports below.

To access reports

  • Select Payroll from the menu
  • Select the pay period you want to download reports for
  • Select Export

The options will appear for Payroll Summary, All Pay Stubs and Payroll Report.

Payroll Summary will generate final numbers for a specific payroll or pay period.

All Pay Stubs can only be generated after payroll has been processed for a pay period and will generate copies of pay stubs for your employees.

Payroll Report can be customized to pull payroll information for multiple pay periods within a date range. When selecting the Start and End Dates for this report, use the Pay Dates you wish to download and not pay periods. You can choose to generate this report for specific employees or your entire staff.