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07: Setting up Hourly as a CalSavers Payroll Delegate or Representative

Once you have registered your company with CalSavers, and submitted your list of employees, you will need to set up Hourly as a CalSavers payroll delegate.

This is done in your employer CalSavers account. Choose either My delegates or My payroll representatives on the left, and click Add New on the right. 


Set Hourly as the payroll vendor, with full access. You will also have to specify the person at your company who will be the Hourly admin, with admin or full access permissions. This is the person who will be responsible for configuring your employeesโ€™ CalSavers contributions in Hourly.

After each pay period, Hourly generates a document for each employee participating in CalSavers. This document includes the employee's name, social security number, and CalSavers contribution amount. 

Hourly then sends the correct dollar amount each pay period, via ACH, directly to CalSavers. 

As a payroll delegate for your company, Hourly will then follow up by going to the CalSavers website and uploading an auto-generated file. This file includes the total company contribution, with a breakdown of dollar amounts for each employee.  

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